Terms & Conditions

T&Cs – Al Mamlaka Social Dining Survey Discounts

  1. These discounts are issued by TGP Arabia for business services (the company) and authorise customers to redeem discounts at selected vendors at Al Mamlaka Social Dining off their purchase, subject to availability.
  2. These discounts are solely intended for promotional purposes and can only be utilised in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion herein.
  3. Customers can only redeem the discounts at any time, throughout the week.
  4. The discount can be only used once per restaurant and will be associated with the name and email address of the user.
  5. ​​​​​​​To redeem, the user must provide the name and email address they used to complete the form and present it to a member of the team at each restaurant.
  6. This voucher is only valid at Al Mamlaka Social Dining and only includes these discounts:
    20% off at RUHI Indian Cuisine
    20% off at Nakhati Gelato
    20% off at OKTO, Contemporary Greek Cuisine
    10% off at Lillys Cafe
    10% off at Assembly, Mezze and Skewers
    10% off at El Takoy, Hawaiian Street Food
  7. These discounts may not be used in conjunction with any special offer, coupon, or other voucher.
  8. This voucher is valid from 15th June 2024 until 15th July 2024 and cannot be extended once expires.
  9. The company reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the offer for any reason at any time.
  10. The company shall not be liable to the recipient for any financial loss arising out of refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of the offer or any failure or inability of a recipient to use a voucher for any reason.
  11. For any clarification as to these terms and conditions or as to the promotion itself please contact [email protected].